How to Legally Grow Marijuana Plants in Your Home

As marijuana becomes legal in the US, many cannabis fans are looking forward to growing weed in their homes. The legalization of marijuana in the US has made it easier to grow cannabis in homes than before. There are no more hassles with lawmakers and police.

Yes, it is now legal to grow cannabis in your home, but you’re subject to some conditions. How many cannabis plants you’re legally allowed to grow in your home depends on the state you live in. Before you start growing weed in your home, reach out to know how many cannabis plants you’re allowed to grow in your home. If the police find out you’ve more cannabis plants than the law requires, you’ll be arrested and arraigned in court.

The law requires you to plant your cannabis plants where the general public can’t see it. Marijuana use is legal for people above the age of 18 years. Children below 18 years should not have access to your marijuana garden. You will be arrested and arraigned in court if you plant your cannabis plants where the general public can see and access it.

If you’re growing cannabis outdoors, grow your plants in a grow tent. Cannabis grow tent makes your marijuana growing private since no one will be able to tell what is in the tent at a distance. If you want to grow marijuana indoors, you can either purchase a self-contained indoor garden or a hydroponic system. A hydroponic system lets you grow plants indoors without soil/dirt.

What you need to get started with cannabis growing

The law prohibits growing cannabis plants from seeds obtained from illegitimate sources. For better results, obtain feminized cannabis seeds from the online cannabis seed banks or the marijuana dispensary in your area. Only the female cannabis plant gives you the buds. Feminized cannabis seeds have a higher germination rate (80% and above) and a 95% chance of being a female plant. The fresh and green cannabis seeds are not mature enough to germinate.

Once you have the cannabis seeds at your hands, it is time to germinate and plant them. For faster germination, soak your cannabis seeds in water for 20 to 24 hours before transferring them to the germination medium.

For a cannabis seed to germinate, it needs moisture, warmth, oxygen, and peace. After your seeds have germinated, transfer them to the growing medium. At this stage, your plant is very delicate. Handle the seedlings gently, not to break the white radicle. Plant the seedlings 1 to 2.5cm deep from the growing medium’s surface. Also, make sure to put the radicle facing downward.

After planting your seedlings, make sure you provide them with all they want. If you’re living in a hot and dry region, water your plants frequently. The cannabis growing tents also protect your seedlings from direct sunlight that can kill them.

The quality of the buds will depend on how much you take care of your cannabis plant. If you’re growing the plant indoors, use LED light fixtures emitting additional UV and IR light. Add fertilizer to the soil to increase the plants’ health. Soils not rich in nutrients slows down the growth rate and reduces the quality of the buds and fruits.