Are LED Grow Lights Better Than HPS For Growing Marijuana Indoors?

Finding the best grow light for your indoor cannabis growing is not easy for beginners. There are different grow light setups in the market. The lighting setups differ in light intensity, the amount of daylight your plant needs, is the number one consideration when buying an indoor grow light setup.

Medical marijuana growers need a different light setup from what gardeners, horticulturists, and farmers need. New medical marijuana growers are unable to choose between HID lights and LED grow lights. HID lights include MH and HPS bulb.

Many medical marijuana indoor growers are not yet familiar with the pros and cons of the (light-emitting diodes) LED lights. HID lighting has been the number one choice for many indoor horticulturists and medical marijuana growers.

HID grow light vs LED lights

Many indoor gardeners go for the HID lighting because LED lights are costly. A growing number of medical marijuana indoor growers are switching from HID lighting to LED lighting. The initial cost for LED lights is higher than that of HID lighting. LED lights use less energy compared to HID bulbs. In the long run, HID lights are more expensive than LED lights due to their high energy usage.

Light-emitting diodes grow lights require less energy to emit the same light intensity as MH bulbs or HID bulbs. LED lights to reduce the operation cost making them affordable compared to HID bulbs in the long run.

HID and MH bulbs have a shorter lifespan compared to LED light fixtures. With LED lights, the need to frequently replace the bulbs is no there. The lifespan for LED bulbs ranges from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours. LED lights lifespan is 10 to 12 times higher than that of MH and HPS bulbs.

HID and MH bulbs emit massive heat hence the need for a cooling system. The best cooling systems in the market aren’t that cheap. LED light grow kit doesn’t call for a cooling system. The only drawback with LED light not emitting enormous heat is that you’ll be required to heat your garden during winter.

LED light fixtures are complete and ready to start growing your medical marijuana. HPS and MH bulbs require you to purchase additional equipment such as ballast and a reflector. HPS bulbs won’t work without them. HPS bulb emits lights traveling in all directions. You need other tools to direct the emitted light towards your plants. LED light fixtures come with a reflector already integrated.

LED lights with added IR and UV lights guarantee high-quality buds. The programmable and customizable LED light fixtures provide your marijuana plant with the right amount of light it needs. A cannabis plant growing in an environment with the correct light intensity rewards you with excellent fruits and buds.

LED lights are environment-friendly. They use less energy and don’t rely on mercury lighting technology. Mercury in HPS and MH bulbs are very harmful to the environment.

There are many reasons as to why many indoor medical marijuana growers are switching to LED lights. When buying an indoor grow kit, make it relies on LED lighting technology.