The 7 Easy Steps of Growing Cannabis

It’s time to take out your bongs! Cannabis is finally getting legal all over the USA. The change in laws is due to the medical uses of cannabis. However, you can also have some fun of your own now that cannabis is finally getting legal. You can also grow your cannabis now. However, if you are an amateur in this regard, you may ruin your first few batches. Do not start scratching your head yet. We have got you covered when it comes to growing cannabis. This article will tell you everything you need to know about growing cannabis. Follow these seven incredibly simple steps, and you will grow yourself cannabis which will make even the most seasoned of drug dealers jealous.


  1. The first step is to make some critical choices. One important thing to consider is the location of your plantation. You must ensure that the chosen site has adequate light and the essential nutrients needed. Also, keep in mind that frequently changing the location of your plantation will ruin your harvest. There must also be ample light provided to the plants at all times. The soil you choose for growing cannabis is also essential. Hence, make your choices wisely.
  2. Now that you have made the perfect selections, you need to make a plan for your growth. You need to schedule the nutrients in a timely fashion. It would help if you also were critical of the amount of nutrients you are providing to your plants. Any less or any more than the required amount may compromise the quality.
  3. It’s time to grow now! Go out and get some seeds. You can also ask for some seeds from any friend who might be growing cannabis. Also, there are multiple online sources from where you can get these seeds.
  4. The next step is germination. Make sure you have a starter cube with you in this stage. You may also need an indoor growing kit in this phase.
  5. Once your plants have germinated properly, you need to set the temperature. This stage is known as the vegetation stage. You must provide a temperature from 25-degree centigrade to 30-degree centigrade. It is a little cooler than the average room temperature.
  6. The flowering stage follows the vegetative phase. Small buds of flowers will appear on your plants in this phase. You need to follow the 12-12 lightning schedule. It means that you need to keep the plants in the dark for 12 hours and keep them in light for the next 12 hours. Also, you must identify the gender of your flowers. To get the maximum quality, remove any male flowers from your harvest
  7. Finally, when the hairs start to darken you need to extract the plantation. It is when the THC level is highest. Once you have harvested the plants, you need to hang them upside down. This process will dry them up. Also, you need to provide a constant source of ventilation.You will have a perfect batch of cannabis ready to be smoked after following these steps.