A Guide to Growing Sativa Strains Indoors

Have you been thinking of growing your Sativa strains indoor? Many people think it is a hassle that doesn’t yield. It is possible to grow Sativa strains indoors. This guide has all the tips for successful indoors Sativa Strains growing.


Choosing Suitable Sativa Strains for You

Due to the limited indoor space, a short Sativa species is the best for you. Autoflowering strains are the best for indoor growing due to their small nature. Buy high-quality feminized seeds from online marijuana seed banks or marijuana dispensaries. Feminized cannabis seeds will give you 95% female cannabis plants.

The male cannabis plant does not produce buds. Mature Sativa seeds are dark brown. Cannabis seeds have a hard coat. For faster germination, soak the seeds in water for 20 to 24 hours before planting.

After 20 hours, transfer the seeds to a growing or germination medium. Now the seed needs moisture, warmth, oxygen, and peace to germinate. The growing medium should be moist and warm. Germination in a room where the temperature is too low takes longer. Handle your seedlings gently when planting them not to break the fragile radicle. Here is a guide on how to germinate your Sativa seeds.


Soil Quality

Indoor cannabis plants can either grown in a container or a hydroponic system. A hydroponic system lets you grow indoor plants without dirt/soil. Cannabis plants perform well in high-quality soil. Potting soil is the best for indoor cannabis growing due to its high nutritional value. If you opt not to use potting soil, fill your pot with loam soil.

The most complicated part of growing Sativa is knowing what it needs and how to give it. The plant needs nutrients to produce quality buds. Add organic and commercial fertilizers to the soil once in a month. Also, use a large container or pot that will not limit the development and growth of the plant’s roots.



Sativa plants don’t grow without light. Since your indoor plant will not have access to direct sunlight. Choosing the best lighting for your indoor cannabis growing is a decision that requires adequate research. There are different indoor growing light fixtures in the market.

A growing number of medical marijuana growers and horticulturist is switching from HPS bulbs to LED bulbs. LED bulbs have a higher initial cost but use less energy compared to the HPD lamps. When buying your Sativa grow box, go the one installed with LED lighting technology.


Air and Water Supply

Unlike outdoor gardening, in indoor gardening, you’re in control of both air and water supply. The plant depends on you to get water and adequate air supply. Indoor plants need more water than outdoor plants. The heat emitted by the lighting fixtures dries the air faster.

As your cannabis plant grows, the more frequent watering it needs. The soil should have good drainage. The growing container or pot should have holes in the bottom to let water flow out. Be careful when watering your plants when they are still young, not to break them. Excessive watering will kill your plant.