What Are the Health Risks and Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD has been touted as a ‘wonder’ substance able to cure multiple diseases and common ailments. Whether taken orally or applied topically, its positive effects have been seen on patients with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. However, there have been cases of side effects that come with misuse of the drug. This article seeks to inform its readers of the most common side effects.


One of the usual side effects that come with using CBD (especially orally) is drowsiness. Consumers have noted this side effect, especially when they are taking other medications. It is seen as though CBD acts as a catalyst in such scenarios.

Dryness of the mouth

This is also referred to as “cotton mouth” and is another side effect of taking CBD. The effect is also associated with mild headaches and dry eyes. The effect can be countered by increasing the intake of water and other fluids.

Decreased appetite

Users of CBD have also reported a loss of their appetite over time. This can be quite worrisome, especially for patients who are already underweight or have other underlying conditions. Usually, consumers are asked to monitor their food and beverage intake and also check their BMI (body mass index) from time to time. This is because a consistent loss of weight leaves a person vulnerable to other diseases, both short-term and long-term.

Gastrointestinal issues

It has been noted that some users of CBD are victims of diarrhea and also liver problems. It is not a common issue and has been attributed to the medical history of a particular consumer. The condition also can arise from the unregulated factor of CBD.

It is important to acknowledge that CBD is still an unregulated substance. The FDA has not yet provided guidelines on its manufacture and use. Therefore, there may be parties in the industry who are not producing quality products, leading to the aforementioned ailments.

It is recommended that you only use products from a reputable and reliable source. The plant should be organically grown. It should also be free of any pesticides and other heavy metals.

Visit a doc

42257276 – doctor in surgery with male patient using digital tablet

If you know you have an underlying condition, it is recommended that you visit your family doctor or a specialist before taking any CBD products. While it is generally safe when used moderately, the products can react differently to your specific condition.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of only using pure and verified CBD products. With the current market and a lack of standardization, there are companies that are cutting manufacturing costs, producing inferior products, and endangering the health of consumers.

For your quality CBD products, consider getting in touch with Franky’s Farm or any similar trustworthy platforms that are market leaders in the industry and are known for their quality products. At an affordable price, you can be able to get all the benefits that come with taking CBD.