7 Hidden Instagram Tricks and Settings You Should Use

Since over 10 years ago when Instagram was invented, it has become one of the most popular social media apps among people. Celebrities and businesses have active accounts that they use to share content. With this, the urge to improve the app and learn more features that come with it appears. Find out here tricks and hacks you can use on your account.


Get notified when your favorite account posts some content. This can be achieved by turning on the notification button. How do you do this? Click on the user profile you would like to receive notifications from. Click on one of their posts. On the top right there are three dots. Click on them and activate the post notification.

If you would like to be notified every time they publish a new post, on their profile photo you will see a notification bell. When you click on it, you will be redirected to posts, stories, IGTVs, and live videos. When the notifications are off, you will see a white button but if you click on them, they turn blue.

Liked posts

Did you know you can view all the posts you have liked under your account? At times we want to revisit something we liked a while back but cannot trace it back. Don’t worry anymore, use the features described here.

Under your profile, click on the hamburger button on your top right. Go to settings. Under settings, click on an account. There, you will see posts you’ve preferred. Click on them and you can easily view all the posts you have liked.

24 hours plus stories

Sometimes you find the posts you have shared worth a longer period than the normal 24 hours. When you click on some profiles, you see highlighted stories. If you posted content and would like it to be there for a longer time on your stories, make it highlighted.

Under your profile, click on the plus button. You will see the story highlight. Click on it and add content you would like to stay longer.

Manage more than one account on the same device

You can easily switch between accounts from the same device. For example, you manage your child’s account or your pet’s account.

On your profile, click on your username. There is an arrow pointing downwards next to your username. When you click on it, you will see a button with a plus sign. You can add the accounts you manage and switch between them anytime.

Schedule your posts

Did you know you can create content and post it at a later date? This entails using apps that can connect to Instagram and schedule a post at whatever time is convenient for you. Try some apps such as Pixieset or HubSpot. They work for both your personal and business accounts.

Repeat content

Have you seen someone repost content from a celebrity page and wondered how to do this? Here you’re getting a key. You can achieve this as well.

Under the post, you would like to repeat, click on the paper airplane and you will get an option to add a post to your stories. From there, you can edit the post to your liking.

Disable comments

From your account, you can disable comments, delete them or filter them. This comes in handy, especially when you are running a sensitive account or a business account.

Under settings, you can hide inappropriate comments or disable them completely.

In conclusion, you can obtain benefits just from awareness of useful Instagram tricks. They will contribute to your account growth and your business prosperity as well.