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Five Brands That Do Not Test On Animals

Recently, the Australian government committed to a complete ban on animal testing for cosmetics in Australia, which should go into effect by July 2017.  An estimated 200,000 animals are used for cosmetic testing every year around the world. The Australian plan will only ban new products from testing on animals; existing products would not need to be removed from sale. Animal testing has been banned in Europe since 2004. A second ban on animal-tested ingredients was introduced… Read Article →

Reef Rescue: 5 Things You Can Do To Protect Coral Reef

1. Be a Responsible Tourist   Sometimes unaware, people can damage coral reefs simply by touching them. Running your boat into a coral reef can cause serious damage, so avoid anchoring and look for a sandy bottom or use mooring buoy systems if available. Be careful when you snorkel and scuba dive. It’s good to be aware of the fact that you should leave only bubbles and take only pictures… Read Article →